Homework for Week 10 – Due April 7

Engagement team: Your goal for this class is to bring as many readers as possible to this article.  You will achieve this aim via several tactics:

1) SEO

2) Advertising

3) Social media

For next week your focus will be on SEO:

Review all of the content (posted on the mural) and make recommendations for keyword targets for each piece (but note that the story will most likely be only one page). Use the keyword research tool to support your decisions. Make sure you get information from Andrea, Sharon, and Lily about who the ideal and intended audiences are for the story. Document your ideas and post a link to the document in the comments for this assignment.

Development team: Your goal for this class is to build a responsive feature story. It will probably be one page with several content areas. By next week,  mark up the content in HTML. Use placeholder images to indicate where the interactive features will be. Look for interactive tools such as storymapsJS or timelineJS that you could use to add interactivity to the graphics. Document your ideas and post a link to the document in the comments for this assignment.

Visual design team: Collect at least 5 examples each (total of 15 for the group) of:

1) Excellent typography on the web

2) Unusual visual approaches to infographics

3) Excellent use of color in a one page website

(These are purposely open ended, but be prepared to explain why the typography is excellent, the approach unusual, the color use excellent.)

Post these to a collaborative Pinterest board or to the mural near the style-tiles and moodboards

Homework for Week 9 – Due Mar 31

Create a style tile and mood boards for site using photoshop and Mural.ly
Mark up story in HTML

Show how you would tell the interactive parts of the story using tools you know about such as storymaps.js. Try to include these elements in your HTML.

Next week, we will review and winnow down to one direction and then split up into teams to complete the feature.

HERE IS THE CONTENT MURAL.LY link (http://mrl.li/1fW3Kaf) – at the bottom left, you’ll see Andrea, Eric and Sarah’s files.

Create a column for yourself on the mural and add your style tiles and moodboards there.