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Illustrator skills

Be sure you know the following by Feb. 3 2014.  Essentials skills are bolded. You must be very comfortable with these by Feb. 3.

You do need to familarize yourself with the other skills, but you don’t need to memorize them.  Watch the videos and do some of the exercises.  Make sure you know what you can do with Illustrator and where to look for instructions in the future.

All items below are from

What is it

  • Know what Illustrator is and when to use it (Essential skill)

Illustrator workspace

Essential tasks

Making selections

Creating artwork

Working with text









Photoshop skills

Learn these skills by Jan. 27

Document setup and workflow

  • Understand screen size and resolution
  • Vectors vs. pixels, what’s the difference and when do you use them?


  • Working with text
  • Point text vs. paragraph text


  • Understanding color
  • Creating custom swatches and palettes


  • How to use basic selection tools (Lasso, wand, etc.)
  • Advanced selection tools – Masks, channels, etc.


  • How to work with the layers palette
  • Layer styles
  • Masks and adjustments (also in selecting section)
  • Groups
  • Layer comps (for when you want to try different ideas)

Optimizing Web Graphics

  • Web file formats
  • Retina graphics
  • Image generator (bonus)