Homework for Week 3 – Due Feb 10

Assigned: Feb 3 | Due: Feb 10
Estimated hours to complete: 8-12
Days between classes: 7

Learn to create color palettes with Kuhler in Photoshop and Illustrator

Learn how to create mood boards and style tiles


  • Kuhler video on Lynda.com (watch as much as you need to be able to create and save color palettes with Kuhler in Photoshop and Illustrator) – Up to 1 hour
  • Creating mood boards video on Lynda.com (required to watch) – 20 minutes
  • Creating style tiles – explore the website – 30 minutes

Exercise:  3-4 hours (you don’t have to do it all at once)

Use any tool you like to create a moodboard and style tiles for an interactive news piece on a healthcare topic. You can re-imagine an existing site or you can work from a hypothetical project.

Include color palettes, imagery examples, typeface choices, and options for multimedia elements (video, slideshows, light-boxes, etc.) Also explore the tools on Knightapps.org and show how you might tell this story using one of them.

Make sure your design and multimedia choices support your communication goal.

Post a link to your work in the comments for this post.