Homework for Week 4 – Due Feb 17

Assigned: Feb 10 | Due: Feb 17
Estimated hours to complete: 7-12
Days between classes: 7

Watch: Web Design Fundamentals on Lynda.com 3 hours
or read Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niederst Robbins (link points to Marquette’s online bookshelf. You’ll need to be on campus or access it through the VPN. )

Learn Basic HTML to complete the exercise below. 2 hours
Post your file to your mural and add link to the comments below, bring your file to class, or if you’re really amazing, upload your file to your own website.

Exercise – 2 hours:
Using any software you like. Mac users could try TextWrangler, Windows users try the default text editor on your machine – I think it’s Notepad. Create a simple HTML page with the following items:

  • heading
  • paragraph
  • link to an external website (e.g. marquette.edu)
  • image (that exists on another website)
  • it also needs to have the basic elements of a page (html, head, body)
  • unordered list (bullets)
  • ordered list (numbers)
  • bold text
  • italic text

Bonus if you write a short piece on why you want to be a journalist and use that content for your HTML exercise. 

Review any of the materials from class if needed. Your goal is to understand how the web works and to create a very simple HTML page.