Homework for Week 1 – Due Jan 27

Assigned: Jan 13 | Due: Jan 27
Estimated time: 10-15 hours
Days between classes: 14

Complete the following by 5:30 p.m. Jan 27 

Review the Elements of Design Lecture – 15 min

Watch: Composition video (lynda.com) – 3 hours

Read: Art of the Critique – 15 min

Learn: Photoshop basics – 3 hours if you don’t know any of the skills

Learn Muse by completing this tutorial: How to create a website with Adobe Muse – 1 hour

Exercise1 – 1 hour:

On Mural.ly, post four examples of interactive journalism, two good (you like them) and two bad (you don’t like them). Post screenshots on your mural and link the images to the sites you got them from.

Exercise 2 – 1 hour:
Take one of your ‘bad’ examples and fix it using Muse – don’t worry about the size and resolution quite yet, you just need to create a composition. Be prepared to explain your improvements using the composition guidelines from the lynda.com video – but don’t overthink it. If you start spinning your wheels, use timeboxing to get unstuck. This should take you no more than one hour. 

Take a screenshot of your composition and post it in the same mural you used for exercise 1.

Bring your Muse files to class on Jan. 27 so we can review them.

Post the link to your mural in the comments to this post  (make sure it’s public).

Bonus readings

The power of failure, design thinking, growth mindset