Homework for Week 2 – Due Feb 3

Assigned: Jan 27 | Due: Feb 3
Estimated hours to complete: 8-12
Days between classes: 7


Watch Foundations of Typography video on Lynda.com – 2.5 hours

Explore the Typography for News Design self directed course Poynter – 1 hour

Learn any Illustrator skills  that you don’t already have – 3 hours if you don’t know any of the skills

Read: The science behind fonts (and how they make you feel) – 15 minutes

Typography exercise – 20 minutes

Use Illustrator to design a text-only flyer with the content in this file. You may change the font, the text size and the order of the text but don’t use any images or color. This exercise comes from another Ina Saltz title on Lynda.com, Foundations of Typography: Hierarchy and Navigation.  But please, don’t peek at Saltz’s solutions until you’ve completed the exercise – see how many different ways you can come up with to lay out the text in 20 minutes. Post screenshots of your solution to to a new mural in mural.ly and add the link to the comments in this post. Remember to share the link so it will be public.