Homework for Week 5 – Due Feb 24

Assigned: Feb 17 | Due: Feb 24
Estimated hours to complete: 7-11
Days between classes: 7



Do the homework in order. You may collaborate to solve the problems.

I) Start by completing both the Basic and Box model sections of the CSS course on W3Schools: 2 HOURS

II) Download the starter files and edit the index.html file and the main.css files to achieve the following: 5-9 HOURS

  1. Change the h1 color and size
  2. Change the text color
  3. Change the background color of the entire page
  4. Add a div with a paragraph inside of it to the page. (A div is an HTML tag.) Use CSS to:
    • put a  border on the div,
    • make the background a different color from the rest of the page
    • make the p text inside of the div different
  5. Change the hover color of the links in the navigation area
  6. Add an image that you can click on to get to another website. (Hint: this is an img inside of an a tag)

Post your site files (the whole folder to Dropbox or Google Drive and put the link in the comments for this assignment)